Friday, December 7, 2012

At the Flip of a Coin

My grandfather was only eighteen in the spring of 1941. He joined the Navy and once training was over they gave him two options - Hawaii or Texas. He was born and raised in Texas; so the thought of getting out and starting a new life somewhere else was all too exciting. Several of his friends had made the choice to go. Who wouldn't go to paradise? But the guilt of leaving behind the grandparents who raised him and his two sisters was also tugging at his heart to stay. So he made up his mind - tails, he stays; heads, he goes. And no matter what the outcome was, that was exactly what he was going to do, no matter how hard or how difficult it maybe. He flipped the coin. Tails it was.

To think, leaving something like that to luck makes me only see God. Because, if the coin was heads, he would have never met his future wife Lila Walters. He would have never had Janice Hunter, who would have never had me.

God obviously has a plan for my life and my children's lives and their children's lives. He wasn't about to let a flip of a coin stand in His way. Instead, He was only going to use it in is plan.

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